Job Placement

Direct Hire

Direct Hire services are provided to our employer clients that are in need of top candidates for all types of full time positions.  Advertising, recruiting, and pre-employment screening are administered by WorkForce Unlimited professionals for prospective employees.  Upon completion of our recruiting and selection process, only the most qualified applicants are presented to our clients.  We welcome hard to fill positions!

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Temporary to Hire

Temporary/Contract to Hire staffing is a service offered to allow companies a trial period with WorkForce Unlimited associates before making a full time offer.  This option allows the employer and the employee time to make sure the job assignment is the right fit.  During the trial period, WorkForce Unlimited absorbs the full payroll burden for that employee.

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WorkForce Unlimited provides Temporary employment for clients with needs ranging from seasonal demand to special projects.  Employees are hired with the understanding that the assignment will last for an undetermined period of time.  Employers are at will to release temporary, contract, or seasonal employees upon completion of the assignment.

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