How to Stay Focused When Working From Home

November 10, 2020

If you picture your office or your desk, you likely see things around you like a telephone, a computer, etc. Maybe a notebook or two, a canister of pens, and a holder for your business cards. Close to your line of sight might be a photo of your family or your beloved pet. The things around you while you work help you work the most efficiently and effectively, while also reminding you of the reasons why you work and what drives you each day.

But what if you find yourself working at home, even closer to those daily reminders?

Your kids might be at home right now too, with virtual school an everyday part of our lives. Figuring this particular balance out is likely one of the biggest challenges of 2020. It’s a situation with no easy answer.

What else is around you when you’re working from home? You likely are closer to that pile of laundry that’s asking to be folded. Those dishes keep piling up in the sink. And, every so often, even in winter, you’re likely to see sunshine and blue sky coming in through your windows, basically begging you to go for a quick walk around the block.

Many people have found success in working from home with setting up a schedule for when is work time and when is home time, so there is not overlap. Set a timer if it’s helpful. You likely have less of a commute, so if you want to take an extra ten minutes in the morning to get the dishes done, it might help you be more effective for the rest of the day. Don’t let that laundry interfere with your work efficiency – make sure you’re not staring at this and other “chores” throughout the day!

Perhaps you’re on calls throughout the day. Could you ever take those calls from earphones as you walk around the block and get some fresh air? Or, since your lunch break is likely to be quicker with your fridge much closer to you, perhaps you can take a few minutes at lunch to get outside a bit. Investments in you like this, even if they seem small, can really help with your overall mentality (and therefore your work productivity!).

As long as the lines of communication are open between you and those for whom you work, this time in history might just prove to be one of your professional best!




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