Virtual Jobs for a Virtual Environment

Virtual Jobs for a Virtual Environment – and what can you do when you can’t be virtual?

September 15, 2020

We can safely say that 2020 is a year for the record books. It’ll forever be etched in our minds as the year that everything changed.

Many of those changes have been on a very large scale. There has been a great deal of pain across all walks of life, in our country and in the world. Hopefully the news will start to get better soon and we will all see comfort and healing.

We at WorkForce have seen a lot of change too, in the way we conduct business internally and the way that we advise our clients.

Many of our internal jobs have been virtual for many months and we have made it work. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are helping us feel a sense of normalcy again. We can all gather in a virtual room and conduct business as normal.

What about our Talent Pool? And, what about the jobs that require people to be on site?

When possible, we are converting in-person roles to virtual until trends start improving. We have always had a company focus on the best available technology and this point in time is no different. This has allowed us to offer resources to our clients that aid in making virtual roles not seem virtual, all the while keeping a focus on maximizing efficiencies. We place a great deal of clerical positions and we have been able to adapt some of these to virtual seamlessly, while advising on safety measures for those that cannot be virtual.

With our wide breadth of positions that we help our clients fill, a great deal of these just cannot be virtual. We help clients fill both light and heavy industrial positions, which are examples of jobs that just cannot be virtual by nature. Here’s where our focus and investment in safety really benefits you, whether you are hiring or you are looking for work. The safety of our team is always at the forefront and WorkForce has implemented safety measures that help keep people safe in a “normal” environment and in a pandemic environment.

Let our research, our expertise and our investments in technology go to work for you. Contact us today for more information on hiring in today’s environment.