Above All Else – Safety

July 14, 2020

When the pandemic hit back in March, many people were under the assumption that it would be over by the summer. We find ourselves in the middle of summer now with no end in sight. Of course, there is sure to be good news coming, with vaccines in development and best practices being formalized for how we can keep moving forward in a locked down environment.

As a partner for our clients in filling roles needed in their companies and a partner for our talent pool in placing appropriate positions, we are reminded of our top goal that comes before anything else. It’s people. Safety HAS to come first. It’s something we take for granted, as we have safety protocols in place that have been there for decades about keeping people safe on the job site.

But now our environment is new. How can we continue to keep people safe?

Masks – no matter what position or what role, masks are required to keep ourselves and each other safe from Covid. We are requiring them at this point for anyone involved at WorkForce, as advised by the CDC and local government.

Social distancing – six feet apart is always our goal. Our team leaders have been working on ways to adhere to this and keep efficiencies up.

Hand washing – frequent hand washing is encouraged throughout our entire operation.

We also are encouraging anyone who feels any sort of symptoms to stay at home, as well as anyone who has had an exposure or possible exposure.

We don’t know what the future will hold but we will continue to do our best to keep each and every one of us safe. Thank you for allowing WorkForce to be your chosen partner for your hiring needs and when you’re looking for work.

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