So Everything is Shut Down and You’re Looking for Work. Now what?

May 18, 2020

We’re a few months into total lockdown, in an environment that no one has witnessed before. Just like every other company out there, we at WorkForce Unlimited are trying to figure out what to do next. How can we keep our employees and our business moving forward? How can we help our clients? How can we help our talent pool?

As much as we’d like, we cannot just pull jobs out of our hats. But, we can be there to support our network as we all move forward together.

Our clients have seen their workload slashed. But there is still work to be done and people are still needed. WorkForce can help put the right people in the right position, as well as advise on ways to cut costs and impact your bottom line.

Our talent pool is here and is ready to get to work. We are doing all we can to keep as many people employed as possible and find creative ways to bridge the gap when time between opportunities is increasing.

Like you, we have no idea how long this will last. But, we assure you that we’ll always adapt and we’ll always be creative with finding ways to make sure your needs are met, whether you’re looking for talent or you’re looking for work. We’re in this together.


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